Refill Station @ Dee Caf Community Cafe

Vegan, Ethical and Eco-Friendly Refills. 

Bio Laundry liquid: 39p per 100ml

Non-Bio Laundry liquid: 39p per 100ml

Fabric conditioner: 25p per 100ml

Washing up Liquid: 25p per 100ml

Hand sanitizer rub: £1.40 per 100ml

Toilet Cleaner: 26p per 100ml

All-purpose surface cleaner (lavender and rosemary): 30p per 100ml

Liquid shampoo (Lan y Mor): 90p per 100ml

Liquid conditioner (Lan y Mor): 90p per 100ml

Cleaning Vinegar: 16p per 100ml

Rinse Aid: 35p per 100ml

Hand soap (English rose): 48p per 100ml


Feel free to use empty bottles available at the cafe.

Kindly inform us if you require additional items; we will have them ordered and ready for you.

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